i love music

i love music


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Friday, March 26, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Adam Who?

HELLow! im Adam..
im listen to music depend wit my mood..
some of band that i like is Four Year Strong, creed, The Beatles, The red jumpsuit apparatus,.
im still single and what should i do?
got nothing to say anymore..

Hidup Aku Sekarang.

Hidup ak skg ni mcm best, tp setiap minggu rutin dya sama jer.
Isnin sampai jumaat~ pagi2 g skolah, petang tdo or on9 fb.petang skit lagi ak g men bola or lepak umah cox. bler mlm menjelma plak~ kadang2 kuar ngan mmbe lepak2 ,g makan ke, kadang2 duk umah baca buku or wat hw ke.

Then~ biler ari saptu plak~slalu ak bgn kul 10~11am la kalo xda pape event. then lepas bgn ak cari makanan~ and ajak mmbe2 hangout ner2. kadang2 g tgk wayang~ then bler petang plak kami g main bola or kadang lepak2 jer r~

apabila ari ahad~ kalo xder pape masalah aku and the geng g daki bkt.Larut~ tp sampai pondok NO.3 je~ penat gak~ then lepas dah abis daki kitowg g mandy kat burmise pool plak~ kat tempat gelongsor~ abang yg paw duit parking tu sampai dah kenal kitowg~ kitowg mandy slalunyer smpai tgh ari la~ lepas tu bler blik trus tdo r~ sure penat nyer~ then bler dah pukul 6 kitowg g men bola~ then bler mlm kitorg hangout la ~ tp kena blik awal cz esoknya skolah plak~ Then ulang blik~

mcm ni la hiduP aku skarang~ mcm best tp sama jer~

Kebosanan melampau

Kebosanan melampau
ni la keje kitowg kalo g skolaH~ semua nk tunjuk kuat. Tambah2 yg baju biru tu~. ada lg sorang. yg snap pic ni. dya n baju biru tu taksub skit~. skg derang blajar wing chun plak~ nk jd brus lee

Oh Chentaku -colour-

I'm getting closer to you,
To tell you that I missed you, so much,
The stars are here and the waves were coercive,
These knuckles break before they bleed that I'm sure,
I tried not to drown in the water,
Forgive me for what I've done in the past,

This is the day,
This is our time to we make it right, from right back where we left it,
This is afterlife, we longing for,
The colours of our chemistry

Curses were not from my heart,
It shattered my eyes; I spoke of which I didn't realize,
I overreacted,
Shed no tears anymore

Knives' marks will never be replaced,
No, not in this lifetime,
Breaking promises into pieces,
But I'm here to sweat myself pulling things back together,

Heavens are thin, the speed of the heartbeats
I would have kill myself if you let me to do it
There's nowhere else to go,
Other than you